Dr. Charles Kaufman
Dr. Kenneth Jaffe

Hours of Operation
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10am - 7pm
Thurs & Sat:
9am - 2pm

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94 Avenue U
Brooklyn, New York 11223

About MVU Veterinary Services

MVU Veterinary Services then known as Mobile Veterinary Unit was started in 1975 in Brooklyn. 

Equipped with a self designed mobile clinic we did only house calls.  We examined and treated pets and performed small surgeries curbside.  After a few years we evolved from a single van to multiple vans based at a central veterinary facility providing out patient services, a fully equipped laboratory, x-rays, surgery and hospitalizations.  

Doctors Charles Kaufman and Kenneth Jaffe have partnered together for thirty-five years.  Learning from many years of caring for pets at the home and then from many years of surgical and in-hospital experience MVU developed our own practical medical system which we currently continue to use.  Advances in laboratory testing and imaging have allowed us to offer more, but our system hasn’t changed.

After taking a good history and performing a complete physical examination we can present to the client a list of alternatives and a recommendation.  When dealing with an ill pet these alternatives can range from simple treatments to lab tests, x-rays or even surgery.  Our recommendations depend on what we as doctor’s consider to be appropriate medical care.  However, it is always the decision of the client that matters most.  We are always willing to use our experience to do whatever we can to help the patient.  Practical therapy is always on optional and often works.

The staff at MVU is also extremely experience and knowledgeable.  Key assistants have worked since the early days and others for many years.  They are all highly integrated into our medical system and each has his part to play in providing our clients with competence and understanding care.
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